Gogo Squeez Pouches Yogurtz Strawberry Flavor

GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ

GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ are a delicious low fat yogurt snack. Providing you with a good source of calcium and Vitamin D*, yogurtZ are a tasty, pantry- friendly option anyone can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

*10% DV Vitamin D per 6 oz.

GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ Flavors

Available in 7 tasty flavors, GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ are a low fat yogurt that contain no artificial growth hormones like rBST†. With no preservatives, this no fridge needed snack is a delicious and convenient gluten free option for your whole family.

†Made with milk from cows not treated with hormones like rBST. No significant difference has been shown between milk from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows.

Strawberry yogurtZ

Strawberry yogurtZ

Simple and sweet, the taste of strawberries blended with low fat yogurt.

Berry yogurtZ

Berry yogurtZ

This berry blend combines the taste of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries with low fat yogurt for a bold and fruity snack!

Banana yogurtZ

Banana yogurtZ

The creamy taste of bananas blended with low fat yogurt.

Blueberry yogurtZ

Blueberry yogurtZ

Simple and yummy, the taste of blueberries blended with low fat yogurt.

Strawberry Banana yogurtZ

Strawberry Banana yogurtZ

A delicious blend of strawberries and bananas with low fat yogurt.

Peach yogurtZ

Peach yogurtZ

The yummy taste of peaches blended with creamy low fat yogurt.

Mango yogurtZ

Mango yogurtZ

The creamy and fruity taste of mangoes blended with low fat yogurt.

squeeZ' out the best!

With a range of fruit and dairy blends, GoGo squeeZ is the perfect companion for everyday adventures.

GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ FAQs

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Is GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ vegetarian friendly?


Is GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ Kosher certified?


Is GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ BPA free?


Is GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ organic?

Not at this time.

Why is GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ not certified organic?

At this time, our mission is to deliver the most delicious and nutritious GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ offering, made with the highest quality, non-organic ingredients, including milk free from antibiotics, rBST and other artificial growth hormones.

Is GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ non-GMO project verified?

No, GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ is not currently non-GMO project verified.

Where can I purchase GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ?

GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ is making its way onto store shelves near you. To find out where you can buy GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ, please use our Where To Buy locator tool.

Where can I purchase GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ online?

GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ is available through various online retailers, see Where To Buy.

Are there any age limitations for GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ?

Similar to GoGo squeeZ® Applesauce On The Go, kids (and adults!) ages 4+ can independently enjoy GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ. We would be udder-ly delighted for children under three to enjoy GoGo squeeZ yogurtZ and its playful, blue heli-cap (while supervised) per the dietary recommendations of their pediatrician or family physician.

Where can I find GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ coupons?

From time to time, we offer coupons on our Facebook page! Go ahead, connect with us, and stay up to date on our sweepstakes, giveaways and special promotions. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter using the sign-up form at the very bottom of our website.

Does GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ require refrigeration?

GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ is pantry-friendly smoothie. In other words, you can store GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ at room temperature, but be sure to refrigerate after opening, and toss after 24 hours.

I’ve never heard of a shelf stable yogurt? Is it real yogurt? How is that possible?

It most certainly is a real yogurt! GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ follows the same basic process as refrigerated yogurt, combining warmed milk and cultures. Our yogurt squeeze pouches include an additional heating step to ensure your yogurt can be stored at room temperature for whenever and wherever you want it.

So you don’t add ANY preservatives to GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ?

Absolutely not! We say NO to preservatives, so you can say YES to GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ!

Why does GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ add sugar to their product?

GoGo squeeZ® is committed to delivering goodness in terms of quality ingredients and delicious flavor. Our recipe makes use of natural cane sugar in addition to the naturally occurring sugar found in fresh milk and real fruit. We aim to provide our consumers with the most consistent, best tasting yogurt, without use of high fructose corn syrup or any other artificial sweeteners.

Is GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ gluten free?


Is GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ nut free?

GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ is peanut and tree nut free. GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ, however, is manufactured in a facility where nuts are used in the production of other products. We take every necessary precaution to ensure that there is no cross contamination with GoGo squeeZ® yogurtZ.